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Greta, The Activist With The Asperger Syndrome

For a few days the world has been talking about Greta Thunberg, an activist with Asperger syndrome. Greta recently spoke at the United Nations Climate Summit. She shocked the world with the harshness of his speech.

So why was Greta’s speech so fierce?

To understand this, we need to remember the symptoms of asperger’s.

‘One or two issues are overly relevant and can be elaborate.
They talk excessively about their favorite subjects and engage in one-sided conversation. ‘

Individuals with Aspergers adopt the subject they are interested in due to their syndrome. They take it to the center of their lives. No matter what you talk about, they bring the conversation to their own subjects.

Is it ethical that Greta is an activist?

Of course, when Greta is an adult, she can concentrate on what she wants. However, it is unethical that Greta should be brought to the forefront as an activist for two reasons mainly. Because she is so young and in her particular case of development. Any activist can put aside a subject they fight for and sleep at night and spend time with their friends. But it might be hard to do that at a young age like Greta when she hasn’t yet completed her emotional maturity.

It is also said that Greta fought depression and anorexia until a few years ago. This shows how emotionally sensitive she is and how she can internalize her interests.

Of course, Greta’s words were true, but her expression and words proved that she was not yet mature enough to be a speaker on such important days.

As a result;

Our view is that it is not right for a child with such a special condition to ruin her soul by allowing him to think of the destruction of the world so sincerely and fiercely. Nor does it appear to be very responsible for a child’s family to bring her to speak when she should be at school.

We must allow children to be children and participate in age-appropriate activities. They will have many years to think about such serious issues.

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