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Newborn Reflexes

Of all living things, the human baby is the most vulnerable creature comes to the world. Nevertheless, we come to the world with reflexes that enable us to survive. The most well-known of these reflexes are moro reflex, tonic neck reflex, grip reflex, search reflex, sucking reflex, stepping reflex, swimming reflex and babinski reflex.


Moro Reflex

Moro reflex is the baby’s startle reflex in the face of loud noise or sudden movement. It is seen as the arms and legs of the baby exposed to sudden stimulation to be opened reflexively and then to return to its former position. It can be observed for up to 3 months and then disappears.


Tonic Neck Reflex

Tonic neck reflex is the position of the body according to the direction of the neck of the baby. For example, when you turn your head to the right, your right arm will be straight and long, while your left arm will be bent parallel to your body at 90 degrees. It is expected to be seen until the 5th month and then disappear.


Grasp Reflex

The grasping reflex is seen as the baby grasping your finger with hand as a reflex when you touch the palm of the baby with your finger. The grip reflex should disappear in the 5th month. Around 6-7 months, it is expected that voluntary clutch will appear.

Search Reflex

The search reflex can be observed when you touch near the lips with a pacifier, finger or breast and the baby turns his face to the stimulus and tries to suck.


Suck Reflex

The sucking reflex occurs as a baby trying to suck when the lips are touched with a finger, breast or pacifier. It begins in the womb, in the last weeks of pregnancy.


Stepping Reflex

The stepping reflex can be seen as the legs move involuntarily and stepwise when the baby is held in an upright position. Expected to be observed until the 3rd month and then disappear

Swimming Reflex

Swimming reflex is when the baby holds breath when he enters water such as a bath tub, pool or sea, and moves his arms and legs like swimming. It is expected not to be seen after the 5th month.


Babinski Reflex

Babinski reflex can be observed when the baby’s feet are stimulated delicately with the nail. In response to the stimulation movement with the nail, the toe bends inward and the other four fingers open out like a fan.


Newborn reflexes are expected to disappear as the baby’s brain matures. For this reason, these reflexes should be observed in the newborn, and after a few months these reflexes should disappear. It is important for the parents to investigate the presence of these reflexes in terms of monitoring the development of the baby and to see if it disappears afterwards.

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