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April 2, World Autism Awareness Day

Autism, or the Autism Spectrum Disorder in its current name, is a neurodevelopmental disorder. It occurs when the neuronal development from the mother’s womb differs from its peers with normal development. The causes of autism can be genetic, environmental or neurological.

We all saw the news of Messi having autism. Even this question was an indication that there was not enough awareness. Because autism is not a disease, it is a difference.

Every year, April 2 is celebrated as the Autism Awareness Day in the world in order to raise awareness about autism. The most important buildings are illuminated with blue light, people are sharing their photos by wearing blue clothes.

We have also prepared a video for the 2 April Autism Awareness Day with the Ozelbeyinler. Because “Autism is not a deficiency but a difference”. We thank everyone who provided support.

Vecihi Ofluoğlu – Pantomime Artist, Instructor

Özce Zeynep Akçın – MSc Neuroscience, Special Education

Neval İlknur – Preschool Teacher, Artist

Berna Balbay – Preschool Teacher

Duygu Tan Altun – Preschool Teacher

Esin Aslan – Pat Studio Artist

Canan Demirli – Pat Studio Artist

Mertcan Kayretli – Artist

Arzu Tan Coşgun – Business Manager

Işıl Özkan – Philosophy Teacher

Dilan İlknur – Business Manager

Elif İlknur Karakaş – Maltepe Municipality Employee

Mehmet Erbil – Artist

Birsel Kılıncçı – Artist

Demet Ergün – Artist

Mürüvvet Ezgi Acar – Translator

We would like to thank Engin Karaman for his efforts to prepare the video.

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